Nick: willek  Info
Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 01.09.2011 13:53
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

willek - Desk shot

Desk shot

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02.09.2011 21:35 JjonUmm. Jipa is mean :D I dont know is it supposed to write like that D:
01.09.2011 23:25 willekThe walls are the same color.. There is a 7000K led behind the monitor, and 2700K fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. Which do you think the camera sees as "white"
01.09.2011 23:20 willekWalls arent yellow, the lights are :D
01.09.2011 21:43 Voryongotta love the yellow walls in old rent appartments >.< anyway seems like a nice setup i just couldnt have the monitor that close =)
01.09.2011 18:17 nanoI kinda like it. The smaller table you have, the less junk you can pile on it...
01.09.2011 17:48 YarikoThis looks stupid, do something about it....
01.09.2011 17:24 Jipayoink!
01.09.2011 16:53 willekJipa stole it.
01.09.2011 15:00 JjonWhat have you done to your beautiful desk :(