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Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 23.02.2011 19:18
Categories: Full case

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25.02.2011 23:56 willekWell "impossible" would be closer, if you wanted to take the parts apart intact. But why would they need to be "opened"?
25.02.2011 22:17 JohnEdwardSo kinda like poprivets, but even harder to open :E
25.02.2011 14:54 willekIt is very sturdy. the "connectors" are 4mm long, and the sheet is 3mm thick, so 1mm difference. I filed fillets in the holes so the hammered ends sunk in nicely. Have to take a closer picture later
24.02.2011 23:29 drakminokay, is it sturdy? how much did you draw the "connectors" to rise above the part it's connecting
24.02.2011 23:27 willekyeah, hammertime!
24.02.2011 22:24 drakminah fitting "connectors" hammered? how nice!
24.02.2011 16:52 YarikoPlasma? Tho it counts as welding... Hmm...
24.02.2011 15:43 JipaHAMMERTIME!
24.02.2011 15:37 alfonspeanut butter sticky assembly fingers?
24.02.2011 15:28 metalfusionInterlocking parts.
24.02.2011 15:20 lossdrivergalvanic corrosion?
24.02.2011 14:34 willekNo rivets, no welding, not even liquid metal. :)
24.02.2011 13:39 alfonsRivets and spot welding, I say
23.02.2011 22:55 YarikoWelded?
23.02.2011 22:34 drakminhow is it held together, liquid metal?