Nick: willek  Info
Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 21.03.2010 16:50
Categories: Home entertainment | Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

willek - Nerding station. Missing only wheel and pedals for cargames.

Nerding station. Missing only wheel and pedals for cargames.

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28.10.2010 14:48 willekThis is for sale! The table and one carseat without computer hardware.
30.06.2010 20:38 willekYes it does. I laready bougt one black cord, must buy another to replace that white one :)
30.06.2010 19:39 hisinfernalmajestyThis is amazing engineering, one thing I would do though is spray paint the white power strip black. Shouldn't be too hard to do, and the white power strip just looks a little out of place.
23.03.2010 02:51 JohnEdwardIt sure does look beautiful.
21.03.2010 21:55 nanolooks great! the only downside I can see is that you don't want to spill anything since it will flow into the amp.
21.03.2010 20:31 verruand well this is extraC00L
21.03.2010 17:47 willekwell thanks :)
21.03.2010 17:44 IlendarenWell this is EXTRAordinary :P
21.03.2010 17:43 willekThe wheels on this thing were actually an aftherthought.. I have wanted to do something like this for a long time. Carseats are quite comfy, and they were cheap. Regular table would have done fine, but I wanted something unordinary. :)
21.03.2010 17:38 IlendarenThat being the case, I congratulate you! :P Is that setup some kind of a way to hide your computer when it's not needed (roll roll roll to the closet roll roll), or what made you do a system like this?
21.03.2010 17:36 willekThe bottom plate is very heavy and the display stand pole alone weighs 10kg or so.. besides the comp and the amp give the whole thing a very low barycenter.
21.03.2010 17:33 willekThe balance is fine, I think if I leaned on the keyboard plane, the tracks would brake before the whole thing tilts. And the tracks are very sturdy :)
21.03.2010 17:26 IlendarenBtw, how's the balance? does the station wobble when typing etc? You seem to have most of the weight in the front, which is what made me wonder. A job well done overall.
21.03.2010 17:23 IlendarenOh boy... I'm not sure what I should say. That must be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.