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Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 29.03.2008 00:03
Categories: Full case

willek - Some DIY heatsink

Some DIY heatsink

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04.08.2008 15:13 alfonscan i have more picture slots?
09.04.2008 14:43 naake1thats right
31.03.2008 07:51 ErrtuIf you are using PSU with active cooling you should instal it to suck air in from the heat sink. That way fins have little air flow -> better cooling. Also hot air is getting trough PSU, it will adjust fan speed correspondingly to load.
30.03.2008 19:05 JipaNothing a bit of thermal grease and some bolts couldn't handle?
30.03.2008 18:59 laurilrHow are you gonna attach those? Isn't it a bit difficult 'cause there should be a good contact between heatsinks O.o
29.03.2008 22:31 HaoKiAh...Just like I thought...;)
29.03.2008 19:31 NormimodiMaybe add some heatpipes etc. Then attach to somthing
29.03.2008 19:20 willekeverytihing but the psu :>
29.03.2008 18:01 NormimodiAnd this is gonna cool what?
29.03.2008 13:00 willekno I ha ve not tested it, If you look closely, the fins are not attached to anything yet :) Im building this today
29.03.2008 12:30 YarikoHave you tested it yet? Temps?
29.03.2008 09:53 rippei think that cools quite well...? =D
29.03.2008 09:36 sepomini heatsink
29.03.2008 00:37 naake1quite small :D