Nick: willek  Info
Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 16.03.2008 18:29
Categories: Full case

willek - Plans made with inventor

Plans made with inventor

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29.03.2008 02:41 CircusactCooling is gunna be done simmilar to the fully passive case isn't it.
17.03.2008 21:55 Haba6looks good
17.03.2008 07:49 willekmATX, and flexible riser.
17.03.2008 07:30 PullaUazManmATX- or ATX-mobo and flexible pci-e-riser?
17.03.2008 02:24 bluebrightI love it, both the layout and the outside
16.03.2008 22:50 willekIt is already under construction.
16.03.2008 22:19 nixarilooks nice, hope you make this case.
16.03.2008 21:55 pertti85fantastic plan.. I hope you can accomplish this..:D
16.03.2008 20:29 willekHmm this picture is a bit misleading.. there will be air exhaust holes on the top..
16.03.2008 19:35 willekDont think in terms of "vga cooler" and "cpu cooler". I will not be cooling them in traditional ways :)
16.03.2008 19:30 JipaAt first I forgot the VGA-cooler will sit under the PSU.. But still there seems to be room for many HDDs...
16.03.2008 19:23 willekno, not water..
16.03.2008 19:21 YarikoNo empty space? Then you have HUGE watercooling kit inside the case.
16.03.2008 19:05 willekno empty space at all ;)
16.03.2008 18:55 JipaDamn that's one weird layout.. Lots of empty space there though? Waiting for further details!
16.03.2008 18:33 LcdloGfx with flexiple riser? Clever. :)