Nick: willek  Info
Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 13.09.2006 16:52
Categories: Mice and Mousepads

willek - Two mouse mod specimens. Original on the left.

Two mouse mod specimens. Original on the left.

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29.01.2008 21:55 EeroWhich number it exatly is because my datasheet is full of numbers and.. i cant find :(
29.01.2008 21:49 Eero:D
29.01.2008 21:46 HochramOps I mean ic not pic
29.01.2008 21:46 Eerookey ill do it, oh and sorry for willek, for spamming on here ( lol )
29.01.2008 21:44 HochramWell, read on the pic the model ( es. CD4017) , then search on google " <ICname> data sheet", you'll find schematics of the ic an all the data about it
29.01.2008 21:42 Eerowell first at all, i dont know what you mean with the data sheet (damn im a noob) and i need to know how i know which is the right one in the IC which has the 5v... (confusing, eh?)
29.01.2008 21:41 HochramIf I don't know what is your IC I can't show you a picture lol , I can't understand what you want exactly
29.01.2008 21:40 Eerowe dont have multimeter so... <_<
29.01.2008 21:39 HochramOps, you mean multimeter ?
29.01.2008 21:39 Eeroi know what it is, but, a picture would tell more than thousand words :D
29.01.2008 21:38 HochramIC= integrated circuit , a chip , wait someone who can translate, i'm italian lol
29.01.2008 21:34 Eerothat same in finish please :D or maybe a pic? :(
29.01.2008 21:27 HochramOr simply search the data sheet of the IC if it is specified the model ;)
29.01.2008 21:19 SevveWith a multimeter. ;D
29.01.2008 21:18 Eerohmm, i compared my mouse and the mouse in the instructions.. the one in the instructions has 9 of those small thingys in the logic circuit, but at me theres only 8, so how i find out that which one has 5v?
29.01.2008 20:27 Eeronvm :D
29.01.2008 20:26 Eerookey thanks :) but didnt you need a anykind resistor with the leds?
29.01.2008 20:15 Hochramhttp://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/logomouse/index_eng
29.01.2008 20:12 HochramYou can use + and - pins of the IC
29.01.2008 19:55 Eerowhat kind connections you used with the LED's inside? im trying to add some into mine but i dont have a clue of the wirings.. >_>
20.07.2007 14:48 pctontriple roller ;D cool!
27.10.2006 19:26 MthedI like the one on the right.