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Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 06.02.2008 16:47
Categories: Full case

willek - Closer look

Closer look

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01.03.2009 16:35 HaoKiThat's a picopsu.. :)
01.03.2009 16:23 NiBaWhat is that psu?
07.02.2008 23:57 willekYeah, Its a GPU cooler. I managed to attach it with its own fixings. It is held in place by only two screws, in the opposing corners.
07.02.2008 22:28 LcdloOops, spank me. ;)
07.02.2008 22:17 JipaLcdlo: you should read metku.net more ;) http://metku.net/index.html?path=reviews/gpu_coolers/index_eng2
07.02.2008 22:14 LcdloWhat is that cpu cooler? Looks like it supposed to be in gpu instead/originally. 2 1/2" hdd somewhere, i think?
07.02.2008 17:18 willekAnd when you bend the bare wire over the insulation, and stick it in the molex, it stays in pretty good. You really need to use force to get it out again.
07.02.2008 17:16 willekpcton: yeah, had to mod it,in the initial setup the heatsink would cover it. works fine with two wires, the cpu doesnt need that much power (45W), propably could do without the damn wire
07.02.2008 14:58 nixariwhat are those spinning thingies called and where do you get them?
07.02.2008 12:18 pctoncool P4 power cord, only 2 wires and directly into that molex! that's rude
07.02.2008 12:04 drakminLooks good!
06.02.2008 20:31 JipaOh. Haven't seen those being used anywhere but with the Ku-formula.
06.02.2008 20:28 willekIt is from an old epia case..
06.02.2008 20:25 JipaHow come that fan looks very familiar..
06.02.2008 18:32 willekI dont remember excat values, but they are in the range of normal
06.02.2008 17:53 NormimodiÜber spinning thingie @ left. Temps ?