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Age: 45
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 06.04.2014 12:27
Categories: Other Hobbies or sports

Japala - Prototyping something new... :)

Prototyping something new... :)

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07.04.2014 22:49 Japalaand that is my point exactly. WIP, just wanted to share the design. You make a valid point but there are so many things that can be done and will be done that will change the weight of this thing.
07.04.2014 20:13 willek"60 grams heavier" really doesn't say anything since I don't know the "base" weight.
07.04.2014 18:37 Japala60 gramms heavier than its carbon fiber cousin and 20 lighter than the G11 copy of the same thing. :) It is getting lighter still now that I know that the arms are too strong at the moment. It needs to have a reliable weak point and now there is none.
06.04.2014 21:50 willekLooks heavy?