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Age: 45
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 16.03.2008 23:01
Categories: Jokes

Japala - Suggestions about the actions view...

Suggestions about the actions view...

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02.11.2011 17:00 Jjonanswer button. If someone ask u something u could press the answer button and he would get notified :d
02.11.2011 16:57 willekIt would be nice to be able to upload multiple pictures to single album simultaneously
24.09.2011 15:47 metalfusionSorting of the images on profile pages could also be a nice adddition. I mean something like "Sort by: Default, Album, Time of upload, Rating, Number of comments" It can take some time to find the very latest images if a person has many albums.
20.09.2011 00:24 willekAllthemods could have the fuction to access a persons profile directly by typing the nick in the adress www.allthemods.com/nick
13.07.2010 23:21 tuhoojabottiFix the background image or colour, it's weird now.
13.07.2010 20:32 HochramCan I have some additional pics slot? need to upload a new project :)
11.10.2009 17:02 nanoHow about adding the average score of images/projects to that little info box in the top left?
26.09.2009 08:12 anttifastIs it possible to have more picslots? Thanks.
27.08.2009 16:37 rippemy bad :D thanks
27.08.2009 16:05 zaketus"Browse" -> "Latest Projects" and then there are two arrows on the bottom of the page.
27.08.2009 16:02 rippeit would be nice if you could browse old projects :) now you can only browse latest projects :(
20.04.2009 16:51 JiikaxOr u just comment on ur own pic like you should do it?
20.04.2009 15:30 Yakuzamaybe some kinda private messenger that you can answer to peoples comments even if they dont have Pic
20.04.2009 14:42 NiBaI noteiced that the image search dont work.
22.11.2008 15:59 Hene987Maybe little box on main page, where we can see is there something new on metku.net?
04.11.2008 07:05 JiikaxOkay
02.11.2008 20:24 JapalaI wanted to leave them out so the background engine wouldn't have to parse through the text for these. This also keeps the text clean...
02.11.2008 20:04 JiikaxWould it be possible that u could use basic bb-codes such as [b], [i] and [url]?
14.10.2008 09:23 JapalaI tried it but for some reason it didn't work as well as it works inside the comment posts... I'll have to take another look on that sometime
14.10.2008 07:58 JiikaxHow about that links in pictures text would be aoutomatically clickable that you don't have copy & paste those?
12.09.2008 13:55 anttifastHow about putting "UPDATED"-mark above a project highlight pic ?
12.09.2008 13:45 JapalaHow would you like them to be shown without making the front page too crowded?
12.09.2008 09:50 pctonHow about latest project UPDATES on main page?
16.07.2008 01:49 xxTOMxxI don't see how to make a page .... Needs to be BIGGER for Blind Guys : )
12.04.2008 13:20 pAbnWho sent the comment to Lastest comments? Dont know how useful it is but it might be okay.
09.04.2008 17:27 Japalalcdlo :) Doable.
09.04.2008 16:02 LcdloI think that it would be very usefull, to add an question "are you sure.." for banning people. I noticed that i have banned lots of people in accidentally with miss clicks, when i have tried to click my browsers bookmarks. :(
03.04.2008 10:56 LcdloHow about, some faq or intro button/feature, for "how to create project" etc. That might be usefull for newcomers.
28.03.2008 11:27 Japalagsx: image limit is quite flexible when it comes to quality projects. ;) I did make the linking of the external images possible when designing the ATM. This was a tough call as the project in ATM will get "broken" if the hosting service is down or the images are removed from there. That is why I would like to see people use atm images in their projects.
28.03.2008 09:47 GSXNever mind, I checked the sources and it is allowed(or at least seems to be). I was thinking of upping the new project, but there is a butt load of pics. This would make it a bit easier.
28.03.2008 09:43 GSXI get what you mean, the pics are a bit large. On that note how did he do that? Is linking images from hosting sites allowed in projects?
27.03.2008 12:28 JapalaI believe that the latest project - diy plexi case proves my point. 800KB images that would be almost identical with the same resolution and only around 150KB...
27.03.2008 11:17 GSXIt's really no big deal, it was just a thought.
27.03.2008 11:10 JapalaI get you. :) hmm... that would be possible but I'm worried about people not packaging the images at all. This means that the 640x480 image will be like 200 kilobytes when the same quality would be accomplished with 60 kilobyte one... So, I could alter the resolution limit but then I would need to alter the KB limit...
27.03.2008 09:24 GSXI don't think you guys get me. I'm talking about the size of pic you can upload, not twhat is displayed.
27.03.2008 08:54 YoshiMaybe like 800x600 or even 1024x768 pictures could be possible ? 640x480 is quite small :/
27.03.2008 08:24 GSXThey can still be resized, I was just saying to up the max allowable upload.
27.03.2008 08:19 s0lidYea good olde 56K moden friendly HD ATM :D
27.03.2008 08:18 GSXHow about a higher max picture resolution. Like 1920x1200 would do.
20.03.2008 06:59 JapalaFixed now.
20.03.2008 06:43 Japalaah, actually, it shouldn't show that line at all if you don't have any projects or images. I have to check the code. Thanks.
19.03.2008 23:34 NearCryNo. Or could it be like if something is 0 something says "You don't have rated projects" or something.
17.03.2008 18:37 JapalaAny ideas how?
17.03.2008 18:13 NearCry"Total of votes with an average of points." That could be better?
17.03.2008 17:27 JipaIt already says on the front page if some image/project has new comments.
17.03.2008 17:13 alfonsid like to know if someone has comment about my picture..
17.03.2008 13:32 JapalaThis is possible but I need to find out how to make it easier for the database. Currently it would take too much processing power... Stay tuned. :)
17.03.2008 08:40 nixarihmm latest comments to your pictures?
17.03.2008 00:46 HaoKiLooks great...:) Uuu... Edit