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Uploaded: 16.08.2006 21:49
Categories: Other Computer Components

Japala - VFD from a point of sale machine.

VFD from a point of sale machine.

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02.02.2011 19:35 JapalaI've actually made a schematic from the wiring. A 9 pin PC rs-232 serial port on the left: http://metku.net/images/vfd_cable.png
02.02.2011 19:34 Japalait uses a serial connection so it is really easy to hook it up and use. In this case I robbed the power for it from molex connector. Can't remember if it used 5 or 12 volts... If I'm not mistaken, I have couple of these 2 line ones and a dozen or so 4 line ones stored somewhere...
01.02.2011 13:12 dyyzokey old post but: got one of those, is it easy to install?
02.03.2008 04:24 PullaUazManok, thanks.
02.03.2008 02:17 JapalaHyperterm and also something that I coded myself. Just start up the serial connection and every ascii char you send after that will be shown on the display.
02.03.2008 01:24 PullaUazMani think i'm gonna test those... i have maybe 1 in my closet. what program did you use to send those marks in to serial port?
02.10.2007 19:26 NiBaHmm.. Vois itekki kattella jos löytys jostain tollanen, niin vois purkaa ton ja laittaa koneen etupaneeliin..
25.10.2006 22:30 JapalaNetistä joltain kaiffalta ostin noita muutaman. Ihan kassapäätteistä osa poistettu ja osa ihan uusia. Noita ei tarvi sen ihmeemmin ohjelmoida. Puskee vain sarjaporttiin merkkejä ja toi sitten näyttää ne sellaisenaan. Samoja on myös nelirivisenä mallina mutta tällöin merkit on pienemmät jne.
25.10.2006 11:47 VaraosaMist hommasit tuon näytön ja paljon se maksoi? Onko se ohjelmoitavissa?
11.10.2006 15:18 OlliOLD!!11
11.09.2006 20:36 b30mnice nice nicee!!
03.09.2006 02:32 HochramNice...i'll never be able to do that eheh
28.08.2006 19:10 JapalaIs is basically a serially controlled terminal. Just hook it up to a serial port, configure the port for right speed and just send regular ascii characters. A lot easier to use than those regular LCD screen that you see used by modders.
28.08.2006 18:28 saypayhow did you do that?!