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Age: 45
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 20.10.2007 22:05
Categories: Handicrafts

Japala - Second try. Took around an hour...

Second try. Took around an hour...

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19.06.2008 21:25 31K4LThx man... and keep up the awesome work :D
19.06.2008 00:10 JapalaJust a standard rotary tool by any manufacturer. I used Dremel's Multi tool for it. Standard diamond dust coated sanding tip.
18.06.2008 23:40 31K4Lahh okay thank you for your answer... What would be good for larger surface areas ?? What did you use for you Intel Inside ?
18.06.2008 23:31 JapalaThis piece was done with the engraver. Standard tip works just fine. It is even better than the one meant for harder materials as it is bit shorter thus giving better control. Engraver is not good for larger surface areas, only for line drawings like this.
18.06.2008 18:34 31K4LFirst of all. You engraving skills are so AWESOME !! so nice ! But i would relly like to know what Tools you use for making your sweet engravements ?? I saw on a picture you are using the Dremel Engraver, but with the standard tip? Also what other tools do you use ? And with the Dremel Engraver, can you fill out a big area or is it only lines you can make ? Pls reply to these questions.. Thx mate.
08.03.2008 00:50 JipaI think it's made using the Dremel Engraver that has very, very small tip which doesn't rotate. It makes keeping the tip steady easier, but at the same time is slower than using regular rotary tools.
08.03.2008 00:33 alfons..and really small pick/blade/whatever
08.03.2008 00:32 alfonscan you really do that just steady hand?
21.10.2007 06:13 bluebrightthats so awesome
20.10.2007 22:06 YoshiWhoa... i think that engraver is DARN accurate and sharp :) Incredible work of art :)