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Age: 45
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Uploaded: 05.10.2007 20:46
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

Japala - My first Google Earth 3D house. :)

My first Google Earth 3D house. :)

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06.10.2007 15:51 JapalaDownload this and open it with Google Earth: http://services.google.com/earth/kmz/3D_Warehouse.kmz . It brings those blue house icons to the map. One then have to click the icon to show the 3D building in that spot. I believe once Google approves, the good quality buildings are transferred to the default view and one doesn't need to click those icons any more. Loc: Raahe, Rantakatu 51, Finland.
06.10.2007 12:18 willekei näkyny :( tarvikse jotenki erikseen asettaa näkymään?
06.10.2007 03:02 hevinallemullaki näkyy 3d:nä :)
05.10.2007 22:23 JapalaYes, you can use Google Sketchup to make the models and submit them to 3DWarehouse. From there they will end up to Google earth.
05.10.2007 21:22 nixariCan u create own buildings to google earth and then they add the buildings to the map?