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Age: 45
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 20.06.2006 20:36
Categories: Tools

Japala - My Ferm rotary tools.

My Ferm rotary tools.

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07.05.2009 15:38 ysavasI have just get the set on the left. But noticed that I cannot use my fine drill bits. As I see in internet Dremel has narrower collet but I could not find for Ferm. Do you know if available?
21.07.2008 17:55 Rav3nMax rpm on ferm is 35 krmp, sounds kinda dangerous :D 29e at kärkkäinen i want one :)
16.03.2008 00:44 Jipawarning are there for a reason.. when an object spins at 20 krpm then most likely there's a chance of something flying..
15.03.2008 23:25 RuislezeI was grinding steel and the blade broke up, one piece got in to my eye.. i suggest to use goggles or something like that : D
15.03.2008 23:19 JapalaHaven't really used them. Only engraving bits and cutting wheels.
15.03.2008 23:18 Ruislezebtw, those pink grinding blades broke up very easily.
15.03.2008 23:16 Ruislezein my tool the revolution is jumping.. somekind of electrical problem..
15.03.2008 23:06 Ruislezehave to go to Kärkkäinen someday :P
15.03.2008 23:05 JapalaThe one on the right was a gift but the one one othe left was bought from Kärkkäinen.
15.03.2008 23:04 Ruislezeok, is spended in my rotary tool 20 euros. 20 euros of s***. it's a yellow rotary tool from Tokmanni. where did you buy that Ferm?
15.03.2008 22:49 JapalaThese have been the best tools that I've owned... Very good quality for the money as I haven't broke any of them.
15.03.2008 22:49 JapalaI believe they were around 25 euros each...
15.03.2008 22:43 RuislezeI got a copy of dremel and sucks.. how much did those cost?
14.10.2006 20:08 TobbeI use a Dremel copy
14.09.2006 22:25 HochramI use Dremel :P
24.08.2006 13:58 JipaI have the one with more bundles and it works too. The flex shaft rokroks when trying to carve something..
21.06.2006 12:18 nismo299i have the little one and it works great :)