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Age: 45
Location: Raahe

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Uploaded: 20.06.2006 20:35
Categories: Body

Japala - Promoting Metku with style! ;)

Promoting Metku with style! ;)

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02.07.2009 20:52 JipaThat's the spirit!
02.07.2009 20:32 Hene987Agree. I remember many words from ATM when I do english exam. :)
02.07.2009 20:32 YarikoI personally want that we turn the language of this site to the Latin
02.07.2009 19:39 JipaWhat's the big deal? A bit of extra practice in English shouldn't hurt anyone.
02.07.2009 19:17 willekAnd why should (finnish) commenting increase? there are already enough pointless "ooh I have the same hardware" etc. comments.
02.07.2009 19:15 willekBeing "english only" is wise in the long run. Using finnish alienates foreign users, and after all there are only so much finnish modders. ;)
02.07.2009 02:02 jumatuseaaaatu on kyllä oikealla asialla. Veikaan, että käyttäjämäärä vähenisi hieman, mutta kommentoisi kasvaisi huimasti jos olisi suosiolla suomenkielinen sivusto.
02.07.2009 01:21 pAbnMoi aaaatu. Täältä ei tietääkseni voi poistaa tiliä. Jos et ole kiinnostunut enää käyttämään palvelua, silloin yksinkertaisesti vain lopetat sen käyttämisen. Kiitos.
02.07.2009 01:04 aaaatuMoi. Miten täältä poistetaan käyttäjätili? Tämän suomen kielen poismoderoinnin kanssa on menty niin pikkutarkaksi, että en ole enää kiinnostunut käyttämään palvelua.
24.12.2007 10:17 JapalaI'm on GPRS so I decided to commenth this later and thus deleted your comment. But since you are here: € . Euro sign works correctly here in comments at least for me. I'm not sure for other parts for the site so you need to be more specific on where it doesn't work so I can see what I can do to fix it. Thanks.
23.12.2007 19:40 zaketusHmm. Did you delete comment from this pic? I saw this pic in that "Latest comments" thing, but there wasn't comment next to it. And now when i look when latest comment is written, it's 31.3.2007 (Not today)
31.03.2007 15:33 Huittinenletti hyvin kaikki hyvin :D
08.02.2007 15:03 vikilawl :D
15.11.2006 22:35 klrpnice :)
07.11.2006 01:26 aaaatukiva modi :D
04.09.2006 19:11 Ruutislol :D
16.07.2006 14:07 JapalaI had that hair cut for about 10 minutes. This was the first time that I cut all my hair off so I decided to play with it first. :)
16.07.2006 14:05 OwNenlol I cant believe you did that. You wear a hat most of the time, right?
26.06.2006 01:45 casparkewl